Teams with great managers see 27% more revenue per employee.*

So... want to make your managers great? 

Give managers the training they need

Engaging, comprehensive training for new and experienced managers, taken at their pace in bite-sized modules. From an experienced General Counsel & Head of HR who has built a community of 100,000+ followers on TikTok.

  • Managers don't need to be experts in HR... but they need to know specific steps to take in critical situations.
  • Learn key questions to ask a boss, direct reports, senior leaders, colleagues and HR to find the best ways to work together.
  • Modules available online at your own pace (e.g., 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks)along with talking points in a PDF Resource Guide.  
  • We offer organizations follow-up group roleplay sessions, to ensure managers truly know what to do and say.
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Includes a PDF resource guide with tips & talking points to drive the learning home.

Go to Checkout ($299)
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*Gallup Inc.